NCA Prototyping & Development

NCA Castings in-house manufacturing facility coupled with our industry experience and access to cutting-edge technology gives us a competitive advantage when it comes to transforming product ideas into prototypes. Our excursion team specialises in prototyping and product development for medical and industrial applications. We take you from prototype lengths to production volumes, making fast-paced product development possible for your business.

Bridging the Gap between Vision and Reality

Prototyping and simulation are the backbone of product development. Before getting to the costly, large-scale production of a product, it is a wise idea to use low fidelity models to test different product ideas quickly and cheaply. At NCA Acrylics, we help you experience the benefits of prototyping by providing you comprehensive prototyping and product development services.

The prototypes and models developed by our experts provide you with a realistic description of the end-product, offering you an opportunity to see, touch, experience, and evaluate the design and function of your idea. Leveraging on the iterative nature of our design process, you can improvise the prototype to bridge the gap between your vision of the end-product and reality.

How Does the Process Work?


This is the first step of the product development process where our experts evaluate the design and make recommendations to help clients enhance the affordability of the product for high volume manufacuring.


We will work closely with the client on their project producing effective samples for product testing, feasibility or visual prototypes. With years of experience in problem solving and trouble shooting NCA Castings have become recognised and a reliable, fast acting company for such needs.


Where possible our product prototypes are manufactured using the same materials and techniques as would be applied to larger production methods. This improves the predictability of the manufacturing process and helps maintain quality

Why Opt for Our Prototyping and Product Development Services?

At NCA Castings, we have years of experience of helping businesses transform ideas into prototypes. We use our precision machining expertise to produce product prototypes within a reasonable timeframe. While we have specialised expertise in the design and manufacturing of acrylic products, we can also work with all engineering grade plastics.

Using our CNC-controlled machining processes, we develop prototypes that not only are an accurate representation of the client’s requirements, but can also be reproduced on a large scale in a reliable manner.

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